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6 Alternative Uses for Wallpaper

This summer, use wallpaper to create a range of authentic transformations in your living spaces. Freshen up everyday items by trying out some of these innovative and effortless ideas.

  1. 6-alternative-uses-for-wallpaper-table-runnersStatement-Piece Table Runners

Unroll a few metres of wallpaper to make a unique and stylish table runner. Whether dining indoors or out on the patio, this durable and versatile runner can be easily wiped in case of spills or stains. Place over a tablecloth or directly onto the table. When clearing away, roll it up to use again or recycle.



  1. Playful Placemats | Wallpaper UsesPlayful Placemats

Cut and laminate matching placemats from wallpaper rolls to use indoors or outdoors. Old placemats can be covered and laminated to give them a brand new look.



  1. 6-alternative-uses-for-wallpaper-napkin-ringsSimple Napkin Rings

Matching napkin rings can be made by using offcuts of wallpaper. Cut the wallpaper into measured strips then tape or glue the ends together.



  1. 6-alternative-uses-for-wallpaper-lampshadesGive new Life to Lampshades

Brighten up your lounge by covering your existing lampshades. Create a fresh, new look each season with this simple technique: place the wallpaper around the lampshade and cut to size, leaving a small border on either side. Clean fold lines ensure a crisp, elegant finish. Allow enough time for the glue to dry before turning on the lamp.



  1. 6-alternative-uses-for-wallpaper-desk-decoupageCreate a Pinterest-worthy Home Office or Study

Zhoosh up the top of an old table or desk by resurfacing with a vibrant wallpaper finish. Cover with a sheet of cut-to-size glass, or decoupage it to make it last a lifetime. Use a complementary wallpaper covering for the drawer fronts and revive with new drawer knobs.



  1. 6-alternative-uses-for-wallpaper-notebookCustomise your Notebooks

Take the art of personalisation to a new level by custom-wallpapering your notebooks, diaries and planners. We also stock some gorgeous notebooks in our showroom, so pop in and choose your favourite. Staying organised has never looked so good!


If you love any of these ideas, you’re welcome to come in to the shop and we will help you get it. Our address is 145 North Rand Road, cnr. Goodman Street, Boksburg, Johannesburg.

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