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New Year, New Room – Our Fresh 2019 Wallpaper Design Ideas

We’re still buzzing with inspiration from the clean slate that comes with a new year. For Magma Wallcovering, 2019 is going to be the year of fresh wallpaper design ideas that breathe life and vibrancy into your rooms.

Take a look at our top 3 wallpaper looks inspired by 2019.

Florals and Trees

There’s nothing more perfect than beautiful floral wallpaper to liven up any room. Compliment the gorgeous green wallpaper print with prolific indoor plants, and create an indoor oasis that becomes your sanctuary.

Want this wallpaper? Use the code 2707-001_g when ordering.

View our full Floral and Tree collection here:

Cladding Wallpaper

This 2019 wallpaper trend is one of our favourites, because it adds beautiful depth and texture to a room. With a variety of colours, patterns and styles, you can use your creativity to select the perfect cladding wallpaper accent for your room.

View our full Cladding Wallpaper collection here:

Geometric and Shapes

Go bold with gorgeous geometric wallpaper prints, or subtle shapes that create texture and flare.

Here are some of our favourite geometric wallpaper designs to inspire you:

View our full Geometric and Shapes collection here:

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