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About Magma Wallcovering

Magma Wallcovering & Décor is a female owned company, made up of very dedicated & inspiring ladies who, thrive on all things beautiful, on making homes & offices beautiful & most importantly bringing the very important element of ‘personality’ to any home or office environment. We help you find your own décor identity, using our stunning wallpapers & décor products. We lead you organically through the process of finding the best wallpaper to suit your needs. Our aim is to remove the misconception that décor is an intimidating process. We pride ourselves on giving the most informative décor advice, to suit each client specifically.

Based in Boksburg South Africa, Magma Wallcovering has been offering wallcovering and decor solutions for years to some of the most prominent brands, architects and interior designers around. We pride ourselves in sourcing and stocking stunning on-trend wallpapers that you’ll love, maintaining fashionable catalogues of designs, and regularly updating them to bring you the most fabulous wallpaper options in South Africa.

About Magma Wallcovering
About Magma Wallcovering


Premium Wallpaper

Our collections include paintable paper, door coverings, textured finishes as well as other wall decor variants that can be applied to achieve an outstanding effect, while customising your own look.

To find out more about what best suits your needs, send us an email and we’ll schedule an appointment with you to understand your vision and financial requirements. Thereafter, our experts will guide you through the process to attaining your goals as closely as possible.


Interior decorating is a full time occupation; we make sure to make your job easier by providing you outstanding service with immediate effect, as well as a convenient online shopping option.


Our extensive collections allow you plenty to choose from to make your ideal decor dreams come to life.


We love giving spaces the touch they need to come alive and reflect your style, with the perfect wall decor choice.


Quality, luxurious wallpaper with high definition detail, made to last a lifetime.