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All the trends you need to know for your Summer staycation revamp

Think ‘home makeover’ and it’s hard not to imagine expensive renovations that take months to complete. But a little really can go a long way with a little help from this season’s most exciting trends. Give a bare wall the facelift it deserves with our carefully curated range of quality wallpapers. We think you’ll agree this summer’s must-haves are a breath of fresh air.

The trend: Chinzy

These English garden inspired florals are back in a big way. This trend is especially appealing because it’s the perfect mix of old-school charm and the kind of optimism that can only come from a room full of colourful blooms. And who doesn’t love a good dose of optimism?

The trend: Gradient 

It’s a trend as stylish as it is versatile and can be beautifully bold or proudly understated. Gradients cleverly add a variety of colour and depth to any space. A gradient’s soothing subtlety is a very welcome addition to an otherwise uneasy year.

The trend: Retro Art Deco

It’s elegant, sophisticated and adds a hint of luxury to any room. The Art Deco aesthetic keeps making a comeback for good reason – it’s comforting without being tired and familiar while still being completely unique.

The trend: Tropical Paradise

We think you’ll agree we all spent quite enough time indoors this year to make us rethink how to bring the very best of the natural world back inside. While the tropical theme is evocative of bright colours and daring patterns, it can also be soft, welcoming and oh-so-chic.

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