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Kids Bedrooms

Kids Bedrooms

No one can ever argue the fact that kid’s bedrooms are the most fun to design and decorate. However, the thought that it has to be an expensive process, is truly a misconception. The possibilities are endless and our imagination has graduated considerably from the popular ‘Peppa pig’ and ‘Spiderman’ options we have had to work with in the past.

The world of design has never been this much fun, with exciting colour combinations and eclectic blends of patterns. The only rule is to have fun, making it fun!

Girls Bedrooms

Floral wallpaper with big, bold flower designs in complimentary colours remain a staple element in girl’s rooms, in this setting one does not need too many accessories. The flower wallpaper will pack the punch, urging you to keep the rest of the room light and subtle. However, for the more adventurous young lady, there are gorgeous abstract geode designs, these patterns give you a blast of colour and a rich pattern, often reflecting flecks of metallics. Another great option for the sophisticated young lady are the monochromatic abstracts. These designs are fluid and calm, resembling a soft silhouette of a landscape. The process of ‘layering’ in design assists you in developing your design identity, by adding subtle elements of décor in the space until it comes together organically.

Boys Bedrooms

Traditionally one always considered very strong colour combinations and patterns for boy’s bedrooms. The current trends are to explore using more natural elements, like herringbone patterns as well as soft marble with dark veins and neutral colours, along with the ever characteristic masculine patterns, like stripes and geometrics. Texture in wallpaper has never before been as rich and diverse as we currently have to offer. The options are, chunky looking concrete walls, eroded metal sheets and crackled paint exposed behind beautifully upholstered headboards. Gone are the days of boring and predictable combinations in littles boy’s bedrooms.  Graphic design has allowed us a look into another world of wallcoverings, by opening up a multitude of options in the form of photo murals. The word mural, quite laterally translates to ‘adding a work of art directly onto a wall’, i.e. Graffiti with your little man’s name on it, or even photographs of sportsmen in action

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