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A note on love, loving one other, and cherishing what matters

We began the new year with so much hope for better and brighter 2021. Now that we are well into February it’s clear ‘normal life’ isn’t making a return just yet, and that this year is about staying healthy and going about our daily lives purely for the love of it.

Talking about love, especially around Valentine’s Day, can feel cliché and contrived. But the events of the past year have shown that almost nothing can (or should) be taken for granted. Here at home and around the world we have seen and heard stories of immense hardship, of lives and livelihoods that have been forever changed. Especially hard to parse is how much of it all is outside of our control. We may not be in the exact same boat, but we’re all (still) in the same storm.

That is why showing love, and appreciating the love in our lives, in all its forms, feels like a truly worthwhile effort. Giving careful consideration to what makes us happy, what we choose to prioritise, and what really matters is not a sappy way to pass the time. Rather it’s a celebration of everything we have to be thankful for, of everything we have achieved no matter how big or small, and the resilience we’ve all had to muster in the most uncertain times of our lives.

This February and beyond, my hope is we can practice the kind of kindness and compassion we need a little more of, and that we can find ways of supporting one another in our personal, professional, and business endeavours until we all reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

My hope is that we can also choose to be grateful for all the things that bring us happiness – our family and friends, our homes, our hobbies, and all the things that are worthy of our time and attention. Those are the things after all that define love for many of us.

So, while indulging in chocolate hearts this month (because why not) it seems like as good a time as any to think about some real matters of the heart and how to pursue what we love with real abandon. For us, it’s creating beautiful spaces and we look forward to continuing doing so with each of you as our valued clients by our side.

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