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Meet the colours that will brighten your 2021

After a tempestuous 2020, the Pantone Color Institute has taken up its annual task of forecasting the colour that will best tint, shade, adorn and decorate the year ahead. And while Pantone don’t usually unveil two colours, we think we all deserve something twice as nice to kickstart the year.

An enthusiastic yellow being paired with a stylishly neutral grey was a deliberate choice, described by Pantone as representing a theme of unity and mutual support. Where Illuminating is bright and vivacious, Ultimate Grey is solid and dependable.

Not only does Pantone’s annual debut of colour signify the mood of moment, it also reflects exciting trends in art, architecture, design, fashion, interiors, and of course décor and wallcoverings.

The combination of the two selected colours expresses a notion of strength and hopefulness that is seen as both enduring and uplifting, which is just what many of us are after for the year ahead.

Together, these colours are truly aspirational and will give a contemporary twist to your home.

But it’s not just wallpaper that can bring out the best in these two colours. You can take Pantone’s 2021 colours outside for an all-year-long summer patio, porch, deck. Simply create a neutral foundation with grey patio furniture, then accessorise with yellow cushions and other bright accents.

Of course, colour trends do come and go, so one of the incorporate them is with accessories you can easily and inexpensively swap out. Pillows, area rugs, throw blankets, wall art, and other accessories offer a simple way to try out new shades without going all-in on new furniture or wallpaper right away.We advise choosing textiles in grey and yellow tones to add another layer of comfort to rooms. Warm tones lend an inviting feeling that’s especially cosy in bedrooms and living spaces.

Even in bathrooms you can add splashes of yellow and grey trough hand towels and key accessories.

However, you decide to incorporate some extra colour into your space, we hope it brightens your space and the year ahead!

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