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Moody Murals Collection

boho wallpaper funky wall coverings fluid colours wallcovering

BOHO CHIC Wallcovering

Nowadays, in relation to style, “boho” is a term used to define things that are unconventional and artistic; however, it helps to understand the roots of Bohemian style in order to pull off the look authentically in your home you might want to look into adding wallpaper that will just bring everything together beautifully.

Fluid Colours wallpaper is trending

Applying a new wallpaper or wall covering to your walls is an excellent way to give your interiors a fresh-faced makeover, and today fluid colour wallpapers are trending. Give your hobby room that amazing WOW finishing touch with a fluid colours wall covering.

Funky Feature Walls

Funky, quirky and unusual wallpapers or wall coverings are not for a specific space, but definitely an individual’s taste. They can be used to attract attention and can be surprisingly different by providing design ideas far from the mainstream. Be the one that stands out from your friends with unique and punchy feature wallpaper art



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