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5 ways to revamp your office space

5 ways to revamp your office space

1. Tidy office for a tidy mind

The style and functionality of your space will quickly decline if its covered with books, magazines or trash and yesterday’s lunch papers. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to improve the function, productivity, and style of your office is to clean it up! Don’t forget to untangle the dusty nests of cables, wires, and plugs behind and around your desk.

2. Bring Nature Indoors

We find solace in nature, so incorporating living greens into the work environment  helps to maintain indoor air quality. Living plants also aid to reduce stress and alter the acoustics of a room by absorbing distracting noises. Succulents require little work and always add life to a space. If you really don’t want to worry about taking care of anything, fake plants work great, too. And don’t forget to choose funky pots.

3. Add Colours & Textures to the Walls

A featured brick wall and a handful of black framed prints will work in a perfect contrast.

Wall pockets are cool and can hold small office supplies and all your miscellaneous papers that otherwise become scattered around your desk.

4. Bring positive energy to your office by adding a crystal.

If you believe in the healing powers of crystals, keeping one or two on your desk might help improve your work flow. They also make excellent, luxe paperweights.

5. Keep a throw blanket or sheepskin on hand for when office temps get low

It’s impossible to get anything done if the office is FREEZING. A warm throw will add comfort and warmth to your space. You might want to add a pillow too for optimal comfort and back support. Just try not to fall asleep

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